First Chicken Sausage 1990

Isernio’s customers had always appreciated the wholesome, lean quality of the pork Frank used in his recipes. By 1990, Frank took note that more and more consumers were leaning toward poultry as a healthy substitute for pork and beef. He thought he could recreate his tried and true Italian sausage recipes and create an even leaner poultry option to appeal to these same consumers. Standing by his conviction that there is no substitute for the highest quality ingredients, Frank crafted Isernio’s Italian Chicken Sausage, using only fresh, 95% lean all-natural chicken thigh for its juicy and flavorful qualities. The Italian Chicken Sausage has become a fan favorite and Isernio’s #1 selling item, with the pork varieties close behind.

Expanding the Line

We continued to build our reputation as the fresh chicken sausage leaders by launching several more chicken varieties, including Chicken Basil & Sun Dried Tomato, Chicken & Apple, Chicken Breakfast, Chicken Spinach & Feta and Chicken Bratwurst. Being an aficionado of all kinds of international cuisine, Frank also developed a fresh Spanish Chorizo and a British Banger.

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