The Isernio Story

In The Beginning…

Frank and his mother AngetinaFrank Isernio was born in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, surrounded by first and second generation Italians. His mother raised rabbits and chickens in the backyard and his father grew the family vegetables. Filled with Old Country hospitality, the Isernios took great pride in sharing special dinners with friends and relatives. Over time, Frank became the one in charge of the sausage.

Hobby Turned Profession…

Frank IsernioFor years, Frank’s sausage making was reserved expressly for the family get-togethers. Because of his passion and enthusiasm, Frank was encouraged to take his hobby one step further. Requests began to come in to produce his sausage for others. While working a full-time job as a pipefitter, Frank set up shop in a neighbor’s basement. “I’d spend all night at the shipyard, and start making sausage at 5 a.m.,” he recalls. He promoted his product by loading the ice-filled trunk of his car with sausage and driving around to local restaurants.


Isernio’s Sausage is found in hundreds of supermarkets and fine restaurants across the country. Isernio’s Sausage began with Frank’s passion for great food and timeless Italian traditions. As we continue to grow, we will carry on the Isernio’s tradition to provide the uncompromising quality our customers have grown to expect.

Buon Appetito!


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