Launch of Chicken Sausage Rolls

Isernio’s customers have come to expect only the best quality and flavor from us, and in early 2010 we introduced the new wave of chicken sausage – the chicken sausage roll. We are all familiar with those pork sausage rolls found in every grocery store, but until now there have been no tasty poultry options. Truly an innovative product, the Isernio’s chicken sausage rolls – available in 5 Italian and Breakfast flavors – are versatile enough for use in any of your family’s favorite recipes, and they really do taste great. Many people say it’s very hard to tell they’re eating chicken sausage, because it’s so juicy and flavorful.

National Expansion

With the launch of the Chicken Sausage Rolls, we have been able to take our products across the nation. Now shoppers everywhere can find Isernio’s lean, all-natural chicken sausage in their local store. Our company is growing, but Isernio’s will never lose sight of Frank’s original vision and commitment to uncompromising quality, and most of all, great taste.
Buon Appetito from the Isernio’s team!

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