A healthy, delicious, affordable addition to our diet.

I just got done making my signature biscuits and gravy for my family after a chilly morning of delivering newspapers. I substituted your Chicken Breakfast Sausage Roll and Hot Chicken Breakfast Sausage for the usual pork sausage that I have used for years. The gravy was wonderful and full of flavor. Your sausage rolls cooked up great. I look forward to trying the other flavors in my pasta sauce and on homemade pizzas.

Two really important reasons why I chose your sausage was because of the short list of ingredients that I could recognize and even pronounce. The second reason was the fact that the price was exactly the same as the brand of pork sausage that I was planning on buying.

Thank you for a quality product that really was missing in the marketplace. A healthy, delicious, affordable addition to our diet.

I bought your sausage rolls at Top Food and Drugs in Tacoma, WA. They had your sausage prominently displayed right next to the pork sausage rolls. Perfect placement for easy label comparison.

Just wanted to let you know that as a mother of four children who is trying very hard to make more healthy food choices for my family and I these sausage rolls go a long way toward providing the flavors that we love in our traditional recipes while being healthy.


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