Thank you for bringing flavor back into her life.

I just want to say thank you! My mom found out that she had terrible food allergies about 8 years ago. She is allergic to corn, wheat, and soy. To begin with we didn’t think too much of it… different bread, no more corn on the cob, cut out soy sauce and tofu… you can imagine our surprise as we realized just how many items have corn starch or corn syrup, wheat and soy/soy lecithin. My mom had to cut out almost everything familiar including the sausage we used to make spaghetti sauce, stuffing, casseroles, pasta dishes, etc.

Mom came up to Seattle over the holidays and I made a turkey with sausage stuffing, as I sat there crumbling the sausage into a pan, she “reminded” me of her allergies. I tossed her a package of sausage and she almost cried.

I just shipped a care package to her home in Arizona and included five pounds of sausage among other foods that she can’t get there.

Thank you for bringing flavor back into her life. 🙂


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