Dinner Made Simple with Isernio’s Meal Starters

We take pride in adding new products to our line-up that we know our customers will love. And we’re exceptionally proud of our newest additions because they not only reflect the quality you’ve come to expect from Isernio’s, but they’re here to make your life easier, too.

Meal Starters consist of our premium chicken sausage mixed with a custom blend of seasonings to add effortless flavor to any dish. They’re great at any time of the day – mixed in with your morning eggs, as a topping for your lunchtime salad, or as the flavor centerpiece for endless dinner options.

Our Meal Starters come in three varieties – read on to meet the newest members of the Isernio’s family!

Roasted Garlic and Herb

Cooking a classic? This is the one you want! Our chicken sausage is seasoned with garlic and herbs for a savory addition to dishes like pasta, lasagna, casseroles, pizza, or soup.

Sweet Chili & Ginger

The sweetness of this variety mingles with the other robust flavors of your favorite Asian dishes. Try it in stir fries, lettuce wraps, egg rolls, or on your salad with a tangy soy-based dressing.

Southwestern Style Chile & Garlic

Looking for a punch of flavor? This option is great in tacos, on Southwest-style salads, with a breakfast scramble, or in soup. With a hint of heat and a traditional smoky flavor, this might become your new go-to for Taco Night.

Our Meal Starters offer a no-fuss dinnertime solution that add effortless flavor to even the most basic of dishes. You can even take them camping for a campfire skillet meal that requires NO extra seasoning!

See? We told you they’d make your life easier.

Use our Product Locator to find our Meal Kits in a store near you, and tag us on Instagram @iserniosausage so we can see what you make. We love seeing how you use our products!

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