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Meal Prep 101

Are you new to meal prepping? This popular practice involves carving out time to prepare and portion out several meals in advance. It’s commonly used by health-conscious individuals to plan out their meals and keep their nutrition on track, but it’s also helpful for the budget-conscious person who wants to cut down on restaurant or take-out expenses, or the time-strapped individual who wants grab-and-go meals at their fingertips.

Isernio’s protein-packed products make them well-suited for any meal prep recipe. Our pork and chicken sausages and lean ground chicken options deliver flavor-packed nutrition and stand up well to reheating. Plus, our commitment to filler-free recipes mean they fit perfectly into a clean-eating diet.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know about living the meal prep lifestyle.

1. Have the right containers. You’ll need a good supply of right-sized containers with leak-proof lids for easy travel. It’s ideal if you have stackable containers for easy fridge storage. If you plan to take items like salads, make sure you have smaller containers for salad dressing and other toppings.

2. Choose the right recipes. Not every recipe is well-suited for meal prep. Grains, beans, nuts, hearty vegetables, and most types of meat work well. So do casseroles and soups. Soft fruits and vegetables that may become mushy while stored aren’t the best choice. Neither are crunchy or crispy items like croutons, fried foods, or chips/crackers. These should always be packaged and stored separately.

3. Consider reheating. If you’re taking an item that needs reheating, remember that all items in your meal prep container will be reheated together and for the same amount of time. You may want to undercook steamed vegetables by a minute or two to account for the additional cook time during the reheating process.

Recipe Ideas for Meal Prep

Ready to get cooking? Here are some of our favorite Isernio’s recipes to use for meal prep.

Check out our complete product line to find nutrition information on individual items and identify the products that best fit your macros or other dietary needs. Use our product locator to find them in a store near you, and enjoy the variety of delicious and healthy meal-prepped dishes you’ll make!

“Kindness Unites Us” End-of-Year Giving Campaign

At Isernio’s, we do more than make great food products. We are also dedicated to giving back and making a difference by providing our neighbors access and opportunities to build healthy futures for themselves and their communities. We believe our communities thrive when its people are cared for, and we believe that by making our neighbors a priority, we can have a significant impact.
In that spirit, we launched an end-of-year “Kindness Unites Us” campaign to donate to some local organizations during this season of giving.
First up was The Market, which is the Bonney Lake Food Bank. They named their food pantry “The Market” because it looks like any Metropolitan Market and operates according to a grocery-store choice model. They have a wish list of their most-needed items, and we donated 400 pounds of food to help stock their shelves.
We sponsored “Walk for the Babies,” benefitting the Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC) in Kent. The PICC provides 24-hour medical monitoring and nursing care to fill the gap between hospital and home for infants recovering from prenatal drug exposures or other medical difficulties. They have a need for specific infant and PPE/cleaning supplies and we were happy to help.
We love our hometown heroes! We visited the Kent Police Department and the Ferndale Police Department to express our gratitude for all they do, and to treat them to some goodies.
Post-surgery breast cancer patients face many challenges. It’s extremely intimidating to find comfortable, well-fitting clothing options. Choices are slim and very costly. We donated post-surgery mastectomy camisoles so the surgeon can offer one to the patients in the most need.
Friendship House is recognized as a gateway for people struggling with homelessness to reenter society. Their unique service model places special emphasis on transforming a person’s crisis into an opportunity for empowerment and self-sufficiency. Their largest needs are for bedding and underwear and we dropped off a donation at their facility in Mount Vernon.
We are honored to have had the support of our community over the years, and are so grateful to be able to give back. There’s nothing more satisfying than the joy of giving!

Introducing Isernio’s Meatballs!

Ready for an exciting new product announcement? Isernio’s now offers meatballs!

This family favorite is now easier than ever. Simply place them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven.

They come in two varieties: Spicy Italian Pork and Parmesan Italian Pork.

They’re great for traditional uses like spaghetti and meatballs, but since they’re so simple to prepare you can get creative with them! Make meatball subs, meatball lasagna, put them on pizza, use them as appetizers…the possibilities are endless!

The new Isernio’s meatballs are currently available in Safeway stores throughout Washington and Alaska. Look for them near you!

How will you serve them?


Mini Oktoberfest at Bonney Lake’s Food Bank!

We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Bonney Lake Food Bank.

They named their food pantry “The Market” because it looks like any Metropolitan Market and operates according to a grocery-store choice model. Customers can choose from a variety of nutritional food including fresh fruits & vegetables, meat, dairy, and nonperishable items.

We set up a booth and did what we do best – grilled up sausages for everyone to enjoy! We called it a mini-Oktoberfest.

A great day was had by all and we met some of the best human beings we’ve ever had the privilege of working with. We’re so glad they’re here to serve our community! Learn more about the work they do (and how you can help support them) here.