Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with hearty sausage dishes

Healthy Sausage Isernio's“Sausages (or “Bangers”) are an essential part of a traditional Irish breakfast”

Are you preparing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend?   If you’re preparing an Irish-themed meal for your family or a group of guests, why not try a recipe using sausage, which is an essential ingredient in many traditional Irish dishes.  Isernio’s makes a British Banger, which is also very similar to a traditional Irish sausage, and could be considered a decent state-side substitute!  Here are some Irish recipes to try using our Bangers or other varieties of sausage:

Dublin Coddle  (Irish comfort food!)

Irish Sausage Pie

Irish Pie with Chicken and Sausage

How to cook the Traditional Irish Breakfast

True Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy

Irish Champ  (a potato dish that is a perfect complement to sausage)

Look for our Bangers this week at QFC, Top Foods, Haggen and Metropolitan Market (check our Where to Buy zip code finder to find out if there is one near you).  If you can’t find the Bangers, or are looking for a non-pork substitute, our low-fat Chicken Breakfast sausage would be great in any of these dishes as well.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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