Isernio Sausage: Slime-Free Sausage

Isernio Sausage Hold SugarBy now we have probably all heard about the dreaded Pink Slime being used in ground beef (a.k.a. lean finely textured beef), which is a paste-like mixture of beef scraps that are treated with ammonia before being added into ground beef as a filler.  Some claims state up to 70% of America’s ground beef contains the stuff, although many supermarket and restaurant chains are now getting rid of it due to consumer complaints. 

Reaction to this ingredient has overall not been positive at all – when you think about biting into a juicy all-American hamburger, a pink slimy paste is not what comes to mind!   We think most of you are probably very turned off by the mysterious fillers and processes used to make many of your favorite foods.  As a meat producer we take this very seriously, and our stand on this issue is simple:  real, whole food makes for a healthier you.

While we don’t produce any beef products – only pork and chicken – we have no problem showing you there’s absolutely no mystery in our meat.   In fact, here’s a photo taken of a whole chicken thigh in our plant right before it was ground and combined with spices to make our all-natural chicken sausage

Isernio Sausage Hold Sugar 2

Raw Material used in Isernio’s Chicken Sausage: Whole skinless chicken thigh


We feel it’s important to know what you’re putting in your body, and that eating “real” food and ingredients is key to a healthy lifestyle – which is why we’ve never used any sort of fillers, binders, extenders, artificial colors or flavors, or unnecessary sugars and corn syrup. 

Nothing too mysterious there – ours is really the sausage you want to see made!  For more info on our company and production processes, check out this video of sausage production that takes you behind the scenes.  We’re proud of what we make, and hope you and your family enjoy it too!


Isernio Sausage Hold Sugar 3

Mixing the ingredients for Isernio’s all-natural sausage

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