How to Create the Perfect Easter Tablescape

photo credit: iStock/Kristen Prahl

A beautiful table sets the mood for a holiday gathering. A breathtaking tabletop arrangement means little else needs to be done to decorate and helps your guests feel swept up in the festivities. But a good tablescape can be difficult to put together if you’re not decor-minded. Here are some simple tips to pull together a beautiful table that will “wow” your guests and create a festive ambiance for your Easter brunch or dinner.

Decide on a color scheme. Do you want to go with bright spring shades? Classic pastels? Rustic naturals? Decide on your desired look and feel before designing your tablescape to avoid getting overwhelmed with options.

Add a table runner. A table runner on top of your solid tablecloth is an easy way to add visual interest.

Go natural. Nothing is more beautiful than nature! Flowers, palm fronds, tree branches, and potted grass are beautiful additions to an Easter tabletop.

Focus on the food. Food is gorgeous and enticing! You don’t need to go overboard with decor when you have bright and colorful salads, fruits, veggies, and meats on display. {And don’t get us started on how simply displaying colorful desserts or dyed eggs could effectively serve as your only decor.} Plan ahead and display your food on beautiful serveware; if you don’t have enough pieces, visit your local thrift store for some fun and budget-friendly pieces.

Watch the height. A high centerpiece has a dramatic effect, but can act as a visual barrier between cross-table guests while eating. If you choose to include towering flower arrangements on your table, consider removing them when you sit down for your meal. If you opt for a lower-height tablescape, use bud vases, elongated dough bowls, wood rounds, tiered trays, or decorated serving platters.

Decorate individual place settings. Simply decorating individual place settings with coordinating placemats, chargers, napkins, and napkin rings can take your tablescape to the next level.

Less is more. If you’re torn between over- or under-decorating, always lean toward less. The bright colors of spring will speak for themselves, and the beauty of the food you set out will make up for any perceived “lack.”

Don’t be afraid to use other table displays as inspo. Struggling to coordinate individual pieces? Don’t have time to piece together the perfect tablescape? Simply recreate an in-store display! No shame in the replica game; you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful and effortless Easter tabletop!

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