Five Fast & Fresh Dinner Ideas

photo credit: iStock/pinkomelet

The pace of life picks up this time of year; it pays to have some quick meals in your arsenal to make dinnertime simple on busy evenings. But having easy meals at the ready doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. We’ve rounded up five fast & fresh dinner ideas to fuel your lifestyle on even the most hectic of days!

1. Skillet Orange Chicken: Our Isernio’s ground chicken requires no advanced prep and cooks up in minutes, which means this restaurant-quality dish comes together in less time than it takes to grab take-out.

2. Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Our lean ground chicken is cooked with fresh Asian-inspired flavors and peppers for a little bit of heat. Serve it in lettuce wraps or endive cups!

3. Baja Chicken Tacos: Who doesn’t love Taco Night? Skip the seasoning packet and use this fresh-flavored blend of spices instead. Prep your slaw topping in advance to make this weeknight wonder come together even faster!

4. Skillet Lasagna with Herbed Ricotta: This one-pot meal gives you all the traditional flavors of lasagna with a fraction of the work. Using Isernio’s Garlic & Herb Chicken Sausage Meal Starter and fresh, high-quality ingredients means you need very little in the way of extra seasonings so this dish comes together in a flash!

5. Vietnamese-Style Noodle Bowls: The prep on this one can be a little more time-consuming, but this made the cut because it’s best served cold. So make this in advance, pop it in the fridge, and pull it out whenever you need a lightning-fast meal on the go!

Ready to whip up a fantastic weeknight meal? Our ground chicken cooks up in minutes, and our meal starters are pre-seasoned, making dinnertime even easier. Find them in a store near you!

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