Ten Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for Mouth-Watering Foodspiration

Whether you’re trying to eat healthy, need quick-and-easy dinner ideas, or want authentic recipes straight from the old country, Instagram has you covered. Here are some of our favorite feeds for whatever type of foodspiration you’re looking for.

trackitlikeitshot – Jenni shares her personal health & wellness journey using the WW system and has TONS of recipe ideas that help her followers stay on plan without feeling deprived. 

no_excuses_chick – Sarah Wilkins is a mother of three, business owner, and nutrition enthusiast. She shares AMAZING meals (and treats) that you can feel good about!

italianfoodforever – WAY more than just pasta here. Deborah shares amazing photos of her Italian recipe creations!

queenofmykitchen – Mona is a master at creating whole-food-based recipes fit for royalty. Her photos are gorgeous and will inspire you to try something new in your own kitchen!

laughingspatula – In a dinnertime rut? This mother-daughter duo cooks up fresh, flavorful, and easy-to-prepare meals. You’re sure to find something enticing while scrolling through their feed!

katieswholeadventure – Whole foods. Colorful cuisine. WW sp totals. If you’re looking for inspiration to keep you on track with your food goals, this is it.

foxeslovelemons – Lori writes recipes and takes the most gorgeous food photos you’ve ever seen. We want to taste everything that’s on her feed!

mrfrankstagram – This Seattle local features hearty, delicious plates. Some come from his kitchen, others come from his favorite local haunts, but all of them look absolutely amazing.

sheeatstolive – Lindsay is an ARNP and RD who shares beautiful and uncomplicated real-food recipes. 

rossellarago – What’s more authentic than cooking with an Italian grandmother? These recipes, tips, and little tidbits of culture come straight from nonna’s kitchen.

Inspired to start cooking? Our Isernio’s Italian Sausages give you that authentic old-world flavor for classic recipes, and our Chicken Italian Sausages help you enjoy all the flavor while lightening up your favorite dishes.

What will you be cooking? Follow us @iserniosausage, and tag us in your kitchen creations!

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