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Sausage: To Nitrate or Not – that is the question

NitratesWe found this article about all the concern AND confusion out there right now about nitrates in sausage very interesting.  Did you know that even “natural” or “organic” sausages or hot dogs can contain just as much nitrates as the traditional versions?  The natural products are just using celery juice or celery powder to create a “natural” nitrate.  But, those natural nitrates are thought to be just as dangerous as chemical nitrates, possibly increasing the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and colon cancer.

Many food manufacturers are actually trying to convince the USDA to require more specific labeling when it comes to chemical vs. natural nitrates – which we think is great.  But we would rather just avoid the issue all together, and we have been for over 30 years now with our fresh pork and chicken sausages.  Our all-natural chicken and pork sausages are made from fresh, whole cuts of meat, ready for you to cook and incorporate in your family’s favorite dishes.  No chemicals, no preservatives, and no nitrates or nitrites whatsoever to worry about.  Pretty simple!  We don’t have the need for nitrates in our products, and yes sometimes cooking a fresh or raw sausage like ours takes a few extra minutes, but we think the end result is well worth it.  (Hint:  if you need help in the kitchen, Frank has a video showing you how to cook fresh sausage perfectly every time!)

Tell us what you think:  Do you try to avoid nitrates in your diet?  Do you find the labeling of “natural nitrates” to be confusing?

Frank Isernio featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal

Frank Isernio featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal

Frank Isernio Puget Sound Business Journal

“Frank Isernio owes his success in the sausage business to his Italian ancestry, to his mother, Angetina, and to a whole lot of perserverance.

He has built Isernio’s Sausage slowly, evolving it from a family hobby to a company that employs 30 and could hit upward of $15 million in sales this year.”

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