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Fifteen Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Every Italian-Inspired Kitchen Needs

Italian food is the ultimate in simple elegance, but it becomes a little more difficult if you don’t have the right tools. At Isernio’s, we want you to love your time in the kitchen as much as you love the food that comes out of it, so we’ve rounded up some of the essential kitchen tools needed in every Italian-inspired kitchen.

Pasta Machine – This gadget is well worth the investment if you plan to make your own pasta.

Mezzaluna Knife – You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this once you get used to using it for chopping garlic and herbs.

Olivewood Utensils – You’ll love cooking with these traditional utensils.

Large Pasta Pot – Pasta can’t be crowded if you want it to cook well. You need a BIG one if you want to make pasta like the Italians.

Colander – Choose a sturdy colander so when it comes time to drain your pasta it’s not falling over in your kitchen sink.

Pasta Drying Rack – If you’re making your own pasta it needs to dry. This rack will help make sure it’s perfect.

Mortar & Pestle – Grinding spices? Making pesto? You need this to do it properly.

Parmesan Knife – This almond-shaped knife is designed to cut hard parmesan, but can be used for a variety of other cheeses as well.

Ravioli Cutter – Technically you could make ravioli without this gadget, but your creations will look so much more authentic if you do.

Gnocchi Board – Gnocchi needs small impressions in the dough to hold the sauce; you can roll the delicate dough along this board to shape them perfectly.

Olive Oil Decanter – These help you with a neat pour. They can also help you store the oil properly – just make sure you choose a dark-colored one and keep it in a cabinet away from heat and light.

Stovetop Espresso Maker – Once you learn how to make homemade espresso, you may never drive through local espresso stand again.

Serrated Bread Knife – You can’t just use any knife to cut rustic Italian bread or you’ll compress it. To keep it intact, make sure you’re using the right knife.

Cheese Grater – If you’re cooking authentic Italian food, you probably won’t be buying pre-shredded cheese. Buy high-quality cheese and grate it at home!

Cannoli Roller – Don’t forget the cannoli! A roller will help you get the shells to perfect size and shape for stuffing.

Whether you’re looking to boost your own Italian kitchen tool collection or looking for gift inspiration for a loved one for Christmas, we hope this list helps you with ideas. And remember to use Isernio’s in all your Italian dishes to give them that authentic old-world flavor and quality.

What kitchen tools do you find most essential?

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