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Isernio’s Sausage Proudly Makes Their Line of Fresh Italian Sausage Available in U.S. Military Commissaries

Isernio’s Sausage Proudly Makes Their Line of Fresh Italian Sausage Available in U.S. Military Commissaries

Isernio’s Sausage, the number one producer of fresh chicken sausage in the U.S., proudly teams up with the U.S. military to make their products available in commissaries at home and abroad.Isernio's Military Family Cookbook

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

Isernio’s Sausage, the nation’s number one producer of fresh chicken sausage, is proud to announce that their products are now available in U.S. military commissaries.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and soon relocating to a new and expanded production facility in Kent, Washington to support their customer growth; Isernio’s Sausage is a family owned and operated business. After being encouraged by family and friends to produce and sell his famous fresh Italian sausage commercially, Frank Isernio founded Isernio’s Sausage in 1980. Today Isernio’s sells their fresh pork and chicken sausage in grocery stores throughout most major U.S. metropolitan areas. A second generation Italian, Frank’s story is an example of the American dream recognized.

American military commissaries have been serving the U.S. armed forces since 1867. Making household goods and groceries available to active duty military at an average savings of more than thirty percent, commissaries are one of the top benefits for modern military personnel. In fact, the U.S. military commissary program is one of the most important incentives used in the recruitment and retention of military professionals.

U.S. military commissaries originally served only those of officer rank or higher. In 1867 they began offering the same at-cost purchasing privileges to all active duty military. Today the U.S military maintains commissary locations worldwide. Focused on providing quality and value with every product they offer, the U.S. military commissary program is extremely selective when choosing their stock assortment. Goods are chosen based upon nutritional value, quality and popularity among service men and women.

Isernio’s Sausage was recently selected to be included in the U.S. military commissary stock assortment. Officially hitting commissary shelves within the United States this week, Isernio’s will be available in commissaries globally later this year.

“We could not be more excited or honored for the opportunity to make our products available to the brave men and women of our armed forces,” said Frank Isernio. “We know that our products will not only provide nutrition but comfort to military families as they selflessly serve our country.”

Honored to introduce their products to the hardworking families of the U.S. armed forces, Isernio’s is also offering a Military Cookbook. The downloadable cookbook includes some of their most popular pork and chicken sausage recipes and as well a special thanks to all of those who serve our country.

“Through the cookbook we aim to express our gratitude for all that these exceptional men and women do to protect our great country,” added Isernio.

In selling their line of fresh Italian chicken sausage within U.S. military commissaries, Isernio’s hopes to further expand their loyal customer base. Watch for more exciting announcements from Isernio’s Sausage as they continue to make their product line available to food lover’s and health conscious consumers nationwide. To learn more about Isernio’s Sausage call 1-888-495-8674 or visit them online at https://isernio.com/Home.aspx.

The son of first generation Italians, Frank Isernio grew up in Seattle Washington surrounded by the cultural and culinary influences of this heritage. After developing a passion for Italian cooking, particularly in preparing fresh chicken sausage; Frank established Isernio’s Sausage. Today Isernio’s Sausage is the number one producer of fresh chicken sausage in the United States. Serving the seven major U.S. metropolitan areas, the success of Isernio’s Sausage is attributed to an unwavering commitment to quality and nutrition.