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The Angelo Pellegrini Foundation has announced that Frank Isernio will be the recipient of the 2013 Angelo Pellegrini Award, which is presented annually to an awardee who is distinguished by long and dedicated service to the ideals espoused by author and Italian food and wine evangelist Angelo Pellegrini.   Pellegrini is revered by culinary industry professionals, including Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl and Mario Batali – who wrote the forward to the recent re-publication of Pellegrini’s book The Unprejudiced Palate – as having a lasting and guiding influence on their careers.

The annual award ceremony honoring Frank Isernio will take place on Friday, October 25th at The Canal in Seattle, and will consist of a festive dinner celebrating what Pellegrini called “The Good Life:”  Fine food, wine, community and the culture of the table.  The event’s
seasonal, multi-course menu will be created by Armandino Batali (2007 Pellegrini awardee), owner of Salumi in Seattle, and Roy Breiman, culinary director of the Copperleaf Restaurant in Normandy Park’s boutique hotel Cedarbrook Lodge.

From the words of a Pellegrini family member, “This award exists for, and because of people like Frank, and all they’ve done and continue to do for our community here in Seattle.”

Each year, a committee composed of members of the Pellegrini family and of previous winners of the award chooses a person who has contributed significantly and over the long term to the life and well-being of the people of the Pacific Northwest in one or more of the following areas:

  • Agriculture—encouraging local food production, with
    an emphasis on freshness, seasonality and organic practices.
  • Viticulture—promoting high standards for the
    growth and vinification of fine grape varieties as well as encouraging home
    grape growers and winemakers.
  • Culinary—campaigning for the service of appetizing
    and nourishing food both on restaurant and family tables, through education as
    well as example.
  • Literary—furthering all the above goals through
    writing, publishing, film, and new media alike.


Angelo Pellegrini (1904 – 1991) was an author of books about the pleasures of growing and making your own food and wine, and about the Italian immigrant experience. He was also a professor of English Literature at the University of Washington. Pellegrini’s family emigrated from Tuscany to McCleary, Washington in 1913 where his father worked for the railroad. 

The Angelo Pellegrini Foundation is a non-profit organization created to propagate the pioneering ideas of Angelo Pellegrini, who preached the virtues of good food, good wine, and good company.

For more information on Angelo Pellegrini and the Pellegrini
Foundation, visit http://pellegrinifoundation.org

For more information on the celebration dinner on October 25,
please visit http://pellegrinifoundation.org/come-celebrate/


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