Isernio’s Pork Sausage Rolls – Available in QFC stores in WA

Isernio’s Sausage Now Offering Fresh Pork Sausage Rolls throughout the Pacific Northwest

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We are excited to announce Isernio’s all-natural pork sausage rolls available for the first time in the Northwest!  Look for the Italian, Breakfast and Spicy Breakfast pork sausage rolls in the fresh meat department of QFC stores now.   Created from Frank Isernio’s recipes using premium authentic Italian seasonings, these sausage rolls can be used in place of ground beef in any of your favorite dishes.  And since they’re made from 80% lean, whole muscle pork; these all-natural sausage rolls are a great way to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. The same flavors you enjoy in our links are now available in roll packaging.

Look for these Pork Sausage Rolls
available NOW AT QFC!

Try these pork sausage rolls in some of our favorite classic Italian recipes like Orecchietti with Rapini and Hot Italian Sausage and Pasta e Fagioli (“Pasta Fazool”), or in a hearty breakfast dish like Breakfast Frittata.   We are confident you’ll find our authentic Italian flavor and healthy pork sausage a delicious part of your meals.

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