New USDA dietary guidelines – tell us what you think

USDA dietary guidelinesThe USDA has just released their 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, urging us to basically eat less, drink more water than sugary drinks or alcohol, lower fat and sodium intake, eat more fruits and veggies and balance our calorie intake with physical activity.  Seems fairly obvious…?   Maybe that depends on who you ask, but in any case we’re pleased to see the USDA encouraging healthy habits to help combat obesity and related health problems.

Not to toot our own horn (ok, maybe a little), but Isernio’s sausage products are a fantastic lean protein option that we feel have always been a good fit into a healthy diet, and are indeed a good fit with these new USDA guidelines as well.  Our chicken sausage is made from 95% lean skinless chicken thigh – that’s only 5% fat; just 3.5 grams of fat per link.   Plus, the premium seasonings we use add a ton of flavor to any dish, so even a little can go a long way. 

Now that we have the horn-tooting out of the way, we’re interested to know your thoughts – will you and your family be making any changes to your diet as a result of these new guidelines?   Or is this all just old news to you now?

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