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Spicy Sausage Wonton Cups

0 of 5 20 Minutes 48 wonton cups

A baked wonton wrapper turns into the perfect crispy vehicle for the savory, satisfying combination of Isernio’s hot Italian sausage, cream cheese, and spices. Serve these super-simple apps at your ...

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Isernio’s Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

0 of 5 25 Minutes

Spicy Caesar dressing, flavorful chicken patties, and grilled romaine lettuce make a killer salad that's good any time of year. 

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17 Sausage Stuffing Recipes for a Show-Stopping Thanksgiving Side


Turkey may take center stage at the Thanksgiving table, but it’s the stuffing that everyone looks forward to eating. This year, kick up the flavor with a sausage stuffing that will have everyone reaching for seconds. Here are some of our favorite ideas to make your stuffing truly memorable – and with Isernio’s full line of pork, chicken, mild, and hot sausages you can make the dish uniquely yours.

Incorporate the Flavors of the Season

Apples, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and squash are signature seasonal flavors that also happen to pair perfectly with sausage. Incorporate these ingredients to add a hint of sweetness to the traditional savory stuffing. Tip: For recipes that call for “sage sausage,” just add ½ tsp of dried sage to plain sausage while you’re browning it to make your own.

Get Creative with the Plating

Think beyond the casserole dish and find cute, seasonal ways to serve your stuffing. Not only will your dish be delicious, but it will double as table decor, too.

Try Something Besides White Bread

Sure, traditional stuffing is made with dried sandwich bread. But simply swapping it out for french bread, sourdough, or even cornbread can change the taste and texture of your dish. Or, you can do something completely unique and make a rice stuffing, which is perfect for your gluten-free guests. Try brown or wild rice for a more rustic, nutty flavor.

Mix Up Your Technique

Chop, saute, mix, and bake. But what would happen if you did something out of the ordinary? Add some extra flavor to your sausage stuffing by browning the bread stovetop instead of baking it, or skip the oven altogether and make your stuffing in your slow cooker, leaving more room in there for the bird.

You don’t have to settle for the same old stuffing. With a little creativity, seasonal ingredients, and Isernio’s fresh, flavorful sausage, you can turn it into a holiday show-stopper. How will you make your stuffing unique this year?

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Our Favorite Soups for Fall

Sausage White Bean Spinach Soup

Is there a more perfect food for this season than soup? Whether it’s one of those impossibly bright yet blustery days where the wind steals your breath or a gray, drizzly afternoon that sends the chill deep into your bones, there’s no better way to warm yourself up from the inside out than with a thick, hearty, hot bowl of soup.

Not only are soups comforting, but they’re good for you, too. Because they’re so flavor-packed, it’s easy to incorporate more veggies into your diet – even if someone else at your table may be a little veggie-averse. Plus we all grew up believing chicken soup could help cure the common cold – and while the research isn’t definitive, there’s an increasing body of evidence that bone broth may help boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Which, in this season that’s notorious for rampant colds and other illnesses, certainly can’t hurt.

All that AND it’s a one-pot meal? No wonder we love soup so much! Here are some of our favorites for fall.

Sausage, White Bean, and Spinach Soup

This thick and satisfying soup is full of colorful veggies – and since you eat with your eyes first, it’s sure to satisfy all of your senses. Plus, it can be made exactly to your liking with hot, mild, pork, or chicken sausage. This one’s a winner all around!

Pasta Fagioli with Sausage

This hearty soup from Skinnytaste is actually meatless, but when we make it in my house we always add sausage to make it a little more filling and flavorful. Just brown some Isernio’s Italian Chicken Sausage at the beginning of the recipe, and you’ll end up with a delicious meal that’s even better as leftovers the next day.

Lentils with Sausage

Lentils are a great source of fiber along with iron, protein, vitamin B1, and folate. They also happen to pair perfectly with sausage. This this stew will warm your body and your soul – and if you want to sneak in a little extra nutrition, wilt in a few spinach or kale leaves at the end. With all the flavor simmering in the soup, nobody will even notice.

Sweet Potato Sausage Soup

Few people know their way around the kitchen better than Martha Stewart, so you can trust that her soup recipe will be a crowd pleaser. It can be made with either hot or sweet Italian sausage depending on your taste, and the sweet potatoes make this a perfect pairing for the season.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

All of the flavors of a stuffed pepper without all the work! This super simple supper from Chef Savvy features any kind of sausage you like and comes together quickly, with most of the cooking time being hands-off.

Creamy Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup

This recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron is proof that decadence is still possible in a 30-minute meal. With real cream, lots of veggies, flavorful sausage, and cheesy ravioli, this will fill up even the biggest appetite.

Packed with flavor, sausage is the perfect ingredient to make a filling fall soup. Plus, since it pairs perfectly with the rich tastes of the season and Isernio’s has a number of different varieties to choose from, the culinary possibilities are endless!

How will you try Isernio’s sausage in your soup this season?

Soup recipes with sausage - great soups for fall. #soupseason #soup #sausage