Appetizers for the Birds: Seahawks vs Falcons

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After a successful win in the first round of the playoffs, our local, beloved Seahawks are heading to Atlanta on Saturday for an afternoon showdown. And what better way to celebrate the rough and rowdy game that’s sure to go down than with some bird-tastic inspired recipes. If you’re all about keeping it simple, with a little healthy choice thrown in, then starting with a package of Isernio’s Ground Chicken is the easy first step to tackle these awesome, crowd-pleasing recipes.


Ground Chicken Tacos with Creamy Salsa

From Food Network

A DIY taco bar is always a team favorite, and all you have to do for this recipe is cook veggies, toss in the ground chicken, season, and keep it warm in your crockpot for serve-yourself action. Get crazy with your own selection of toppings, and top it all off with a spicy, creamy salsa.

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Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites

From AllRecipes.com

With only five ingredients, these super easy bites are the portable version of the far fancier classic entree. Ground chicken, diced ham and swiss, an egg, and breadcrumbs are all you need to class up the joint on gameday. Pro tip: Toss a little parmesan with your breadcrumbs to add a double hit of cheese.

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Chicken Kebab in Lettuce Cups

From Martha Stewart

Super healthy, super flavorful, and super easy, these kebabs can be served with or without the lettuce cups, though adding a little greenery also makes an easy holder for a little herb or onion salad on top. Don’t want to drop em in the cups? No problem, just serve the kebabs on a platter with a dipping sauce of your choice.

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Cheesy Chicken Meatballs

From AllRecipes

Cheese is the answer to so many flavor-making questions, and these are the perfect blend of ground chicken, roasted garlic cream cheese, and parmesan. They taste so luxurious but won’t put you and the team on the bench like some other, heavier meatball versions. Serve with your own marinara or other dipping sauce for a guaranteed touchdown.

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Buffalo Chicken Bites

From Martha Stewart

These meatballs come from New York City’s The Meatball Shop, but despite their restaurant pedigree, they couldn’t be easier. Whip up some Frank’s RedHot Sauce with butter, blend it with ground chicken, celery, eggs, salt, and breadcrumbs, and serve it all like classic Buffalo wings, with ranch or blue cheese dressing. That’s a recipe favorite first down.

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Look for Isernio’s all-natural ground chicken in stores near you and share your own favorite recipes with us!

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