Being Frank

Each week, our founder and casing captain, Frank Isernio will answer one of your questions. Whether it’s regarding sausage, Isernio’s history, quality control or how to make a killer lasagne, Frank is here to help extinguish the flames of your burning curiosity.

This week’s question hails from Mukilteo, WA.

Q:  Which of your products do you usually always have in your fridge at home?

A:  Always the Hot Italian sausage. It’s my favorite. Also, the pork and chicken Italian sausages and chorizo, which I’d have to say is my second favorite.  I’ll use the chorizo to make paella and it’s just delicious! I don’t set out to eat sausage daily, but if it’s already cooked, I can’t pass it up. And I never get tired of it – never ever get tired of it. It’s the original convenience food. You can prepare it in minutes and you can use so little to create such a big flavor.  Especially in these economic times, when we’re getting back to budgeting and portioning out meals. You can buy Isernio’s, combine it with a few other ingredients and save money and be proud of what you give your family.

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