When ‘Hip’ Ruins Your Food

when the Hip ruins your food
I came across this article today that talks about the hip factor of foods. You know, like the hot dog/bratwurst/sausage you buy that is overshadowed by its toppings (it’s never a good sign when the onions on your pup are prepped with more care than the actual link).

Isernio’s sausage links are all-natural. In a future post, I’m going to take you through the plant just so you can see how clean and simple the whole process is; the sausages are literally made with chicken thighs or pork and some seasoning. Minimal processing.  The quality meats that are used, and the lack of preservatives,  make the sausages moist and flavorful. No need for extravagant toppings. With that said, do most vendors and chefs go overboard with their toppings (cream cheese, wasabi, fried eggs) to mask the flavor of their basic ingredients? Or are they just trying to be en vogue?

What are your thoughts?

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