Being Frank

Being FrankEach week, our founder and casing captain, Frank Isernio will answer one of your questions. Whether it’s regarding sausage, Isernio’s history, quality control or how to make a killer lasagne, Frank is here to help extinguish the flames of your burning curiosity.

This week’s question hails from Seattle, WA.

Q: What was the first product you sold?

A: My family and I, we prefer the hot ones, so I made Hot Italian Sausage when I started. Obviously, you want to give people a choice, so I also made a mild version. We made two products, and that was it. I like them all, but I gravitate to the Italian and the Hot Italian, especially.  When I started the business, I had two restaurant clients. Isernio’s wasn’t available retail. A couple of years later, when it finally hit store shelves, I heard from people that they wanted a breakfast sausage. And so, I made a breakfast sausage followed by a chicken and apple sausage. Then, in 1990, I introduced a poultry sausage. No secret, no magic, you just use good ingredients. Just take a nice, moist, dark meat chicken thigh and process it. Next came the Chicken Italian Sausage. As we produced pork varieties of sausage, like the chorizo, people would ask for more varieties. I always say, ‘Listen to people. If you really care what they think, ask them and they’ll tell you.’

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