Fresh Chicken Sausage: Healthy Eating on the Go

We often hear from mom’s who love our products and like to share their favorite fresh chicken sausage recipes with us. We’re always excited to receive new recipes that incorporate our fresh chicken sausage into healthy meals that kids and parents can enjoy together. We do however understand that with hectic family schedules there isn’t always time to prepare a complicated meal. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite fresh chicken sausage recipes that can be prepared ahead of time and enjoyed on the go.

If you’re juggling a busy schedule be sure and check out these delicious recipes that can keep you and your family out of the dreaded drive-thru:

Breakfast Sandwich Isernios SausageItalian Breakfast Sandwiches

These delicious breakfast sandwich can be prepared ahead of time with our famous Italian sausage or fresh chicken sausage. The kids will love them and you can rest assured that they’re starting the day out right. Check out more breakfast recipes.

Italian MinestraItalian-Minestra-Soup-Isernios-Sausage

This bold, hearty soup will be a crowd pleaser! Whip it up over the weekend and the family can enjoy it throughout the week. Mix in some of our fresh chicken sausage for a high-protein meal that the family is sure to request time and time again. We also encourage you to check out our famous white bean chili.

Chicken Scarpariello with Isernios SausageChicken Scarpariello

This delicious dish is one of Frank Isernio’s favorites and is sure to be popular around your dinner table. A great dish to prepare ahead of time; this nutritious, mouthwatering dish is perfect for heating up at the office or at the end of a long day. A wonderful combination of vegetables, fresh chicken sausage and seasoning, this one is sure to become a staple around your dinner table.

Want more great dinner ideas? Check out these delicious entrees.

There are endless options for preparing on the go fresh chicken sausage recipes. Want to see more? Be sure and peruse the recipe section of our site. Here we have a unique blend of Isernio’s recipes as well as customer submissions which we just had to share. Have one of your own? Please share it with us today! We’re always happy to hear about your favorite fresh chicken sausage recipes!

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And as always, please share your questions and comments below.

Bon appétit from our kitchen to yours!


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