The Isernio’s Difference: How Our Fresh Italian Sausage is Made

Since we first opened our doors in 1980 we’ve been making delicious fresh Italian sausage. What’s our secret? Fresh ingredients and the highest quality standards in the industry, of course! If you’re looking for a quality, fresh Italian sausage you’re sure to find it in our line of products. How do we do it?

It All Starts With Fresh Ingredients 

Quality Meat Products Spices used in Isernios Sausage

Each of our fresh Italian sausage products, including our breakfast, chicken and pork sausage, is made with an uncompromising commitment to quality. We only use whole-muscle, 95% lean skinless chicken thigh and 80% lean whole-muscle pork shoulder in every sausage we make. In other words we use only the quality cuts of meat used in your favorite dishes, no trimmings or scraps. All of our meat is shipped to us directly from farms throughout the Midwest, several times a week.

Savory Seasoning

Each seasoning used in our fresh Italian sausage is carefully selected to produce bold, mouthwatering flavors. We use the perfect combination of fresh spices to give our fresh Italian sausage incredible, homemade flavor.

Fresh from Our Kitchen to Yours

Finally, in order to deliver the very best Italian sausage to your table we never pre-cook or cure our products in any way. When you prepare Isernio’s Italian sausage you’re cooking it for the first time; ensuring juicy, tender, homemade flavor in each and every bite.

There you have it, the Isernio’s difference. When you serve your family Isernio’s fresh Italian sausage not only are you feeding them a delicious meal, you’re serving up nutrient-rich food!

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