Hold the Sugar, Please

Isernio Sausage Hold the SugarCBS News’ 60 Minutes recently aired a report, “Is Sugar Toxic?” on how sugar, including high fructose corn syrup, is basically a poison to our systems.   They say many of the top health problems in the U.S. – obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and even some cancers – are actually 75% preventable by avoiding sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Not to mention the effect of sugar on the human brain (it acts like a drug), making it very important to start kids out early with very little sugar in their diets.

It’s pretty incredible, when you start to read labels, how many products contain sugar that you wouldn’t expect.  We at Isernio’s truly feel that added sugar in sausage products is mostly unnecessary.  We can’t believe how many “Italian” sausages we see out there, where the second or third ingredient is corn syrup.  In an authentic Italian sausage, it’s just not needed.  Most Italian grandmothers would probably think you’re crazy if you suggested adding corn syrup to their sausage recipe!

Needless to say, you won’t find any sugars in Isernio’s Italian sausage.  In our breakfast sausage we only use a touch of honey granules just to add a bit of sweetness, but not enough to overpower the savory seasonings, and certainly no sticky corn syrup.Hold the Sugar Isernio's Sausage

With so many concerns these days about health problems like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, it really does make sense to cut out as much of the bad stuff (like unnecessary sugars) as possible in our diets.  It can be daunting, since sugars can be hidden in almost everything like bread and peanut butter, but perhaps starting with changing just a few items in your diet to a low- or no-sugar option could be a good plan.  We hope our sausage can be a part of that plan!  (Be sure to check out our website www.isernio.com for tons of sausage recipe ideas)

We’d love to hear your opinion.  Do you make an effort to cut out sugar?  Has this 60 Minutes report changed your way of thinking on the subject?

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