Isernio’s Sausage: Now Certified Gluten Free!

describe the imageWe are so pleased to announce that our products are now certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO), the most recognizable and leading gluten-free certification program in the world. 

The GFCO “provides an independent service to supervise gluten-free food production according to a consistent, defined, science-based standard that is confirmed by field inspections, in order to achieve heightened consumer confidence and safety.”  Their standards go beyond the requirements of government laws and regulations, to ensure shopper confidence in the products they certify, which now includes our all-natural sausage.

Isernio’s products and production methods were audited and tested by the GFCO and have been confirmed to meet their strict gluten-free standards.  We are also subject to ongoing testing to ensure we continue to meet these standards.  This means if you or a member of your family follows a gluten-free diet, you can safely and confidently enjoy Isernio’s products!

All of our products (except our British Bangers) are now certified by the GFCO – this includes all pork and chicken sausage links, rolls and ground chicken and pork.  (Our British Bangers are not certified because they contain wheat, which is stated clearly on the ingredient label).

Look for the GFCO logo on our labels soon, to make it even easier to identify our gluten-free products. Visit the FAQ section on the GFCO website for more information on their mission and audit procedures.  And of course, feel free to email us if you ever have any questions about our products.

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