Ready to get your tailgate party on? Football and food – The perfect pairing

describe the imageFootball season is here, and as we all know, the food is just about as important as the game itself!  Who doesn’t love the time-honored tradition of tailgating?  Gathering before the game to enjoy food and drinks with your fellow fans is a pretty great way to spend the weekend!  Whether it’s college or pro (or heck, even managing your fantasy league in your pj’s at home) – a football game means it’s time to enjoy some good eats.

We loved the mobile feasts described in this tailgating article and tailgating recipe collection from Saveur Magazine.  (Grilled cinnamon rolls??  Yes please!).   And of course there’s always room for sausage at a tailgate party.  There are some pretty creative ways to serve it too.  How about Grilled Bratwurst with Shoestring Gremolata Fries or Italian Sausage Chili.  Or, kick off the morning by baking some of these Spicy Breakfast Sausage Biscuits and taking with you for a warm and savory start to the party.

What are your favorite tailgate foods?  Or if you don’t tailgate, what kinds of foods do you enjoy while watching the game at home?   We’d love to see your favorite recipes!

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