Whole Muscle Chicken Thighs: Why Our Fresh Chicken Sausage Stands out from the Rest

We often hear from customers who want to understand how we keep the fat and calories content of our fresh chicken sausage so low, without sacrificing flavor. While the great taste of our fresh chicken sausage can be accredited to a number of factors, the simplest answers is whole muscle chicken thighsIsernio's-Chicken-Sausage

No Mystery Meat

While most sausage producers use scrap meat, we use only whole muscle chicken thighs in our fresh chicken sausage. Meaning we only use the cuts of meat you would use when cooking for your loved ones. You will never find “mystery meat” in any of our products.


The meat we use in our fresh chicken sausage is delivered to our plant several times a week, directly from farms throughout the Midwest. Our commitment to fresh ingredients allows us to deliver a fresh, homemade taste with each and every product we sell.

All Natural Fresh-Chicken-Sausage

Additionally, the whole muscle chicken thighs that we use are all natural. Unlike most other manufactures we don’t use altered or “plumped” chicken in our products, allowing you to rest assured that when you’re feeding your family Isernio’s they’re enjoying delicious, additive-free food.

Nutritional Facts

Each of our fresh chicken sausage products ranges from a mere 90 to 110 calories per serving. Packing 13-18 grams of protein and 2.5 – 4.5 grams of fat; our chicken sausage is a great addition to any diet. Whether you’re looking for a delicious way to cut calories and fat, or a source of protein, our whole muscle fresh chicken sausage fits the bill!

Our commitment to quality and flavor enables us to produce some of the leanest, best tasting fresh chicken sausage on the market today. If you’re looking for new ways to include our sausage products in your daily diet, we encourage you to explore the recipe section of our site. Here we share a variety of mouthwatering recipes from the Isernio’s family as well as many of our loyal customers. Have a favorite recipe of your own? Please share it with us. We’re always happy to receive new recipes to share with our customers.

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