Fresh Italian Sausage: Why the Secret’s in the Seasoning

Like any comfort food, the secret to creating delicious, high-quality fresh Italian sausage begins with basic ingredients. This has been the key to Frank’s success since he first began producing his famous fresh Italian sausage in 1980.

Offering four unique fresh Italian sausage flavors, made from all natural ingredients, Isernio’s truly offers something for everyone.

Mild Italian Sausage Mild-Italian-Sausage

Our mild Italian sausage is made with 80% lean whole-muscle pork shoulder and seasoned with sweet fennel and garlic. This perfect blend of protein-packed pork, fennel and garlic produces a sweet and savory flavor that compliments most dishes.

Hot Italian Sausage Hot-Italian-Sausage

Also made with 80% lean whole-muscle pork shoulder, our hot fresh Italian sausage is a healthy and delicious alternative to higher fat sausage products. Topped off with a zesty blend of red pepper, sweet fennel and garlic, our hot Italian sausage can be used to spice up your favorite entrees.

Italian Chicken SausageItalian-Chicken-Sausage

Our best-selling fresh Italian chicken sausage is made with 95% lean skinless chicken thighs and is also seasoned with sweet fennel and garlic. In addition we add a special blend of red peppers, bell peppers, parsley and traditional Italian herbs. Our Italian chicken sausage is not only delicious; it’s a lean source of protein.

Hot Italian Chicken Hot-Italian-Chicken-Sausage

Finally our hot Italian chicken is one of our best-selling fresh Italian sausage product. Also made with 95% lean skinless chicken thighs, our Italian chicken is seasoned with red peppers, paprika, bell peppers and parsley. This one packs a punch and adds great flavor to many of our favorite dishes.

Each of our fresh Italian sausage products is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market, producing a homemade, old-world flavor each and every time. If you’re trying Isernio’s fresh Italian sausage for the first time we encourage you to peruse the recipe section of our site and watch a few of Frank’s cooking videos. Here you’ll learn all kinds of mouthwatering, healthy ways to incorporate our sausage products into your next meal.

Have a recipe to contribute? Please share it with us today! We’re always happy to hear how our customers are using our products to spice up their favorite family recipes.

Here are a few of our most popular fresh Italian sausage recipes to consider for dinner tonight:

Pasta Frittata with Sausage & Mushrooms

Grilled Sausage with Polenta and Vegetables

What’s your favorite classic Italian dish?


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